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A Scalable Texting Solution for Coaches

C-Suite Coaching automates 80% of your weekly communication with Potential, Current, and Former Clients

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Potential Current Former

Potential Clients

trainer online landing page and text-to-join posters included with subscription

If You Promote It, They Will Come

C-Suite Coaching provides two ways for you to automatically acquire and engage new leads without having to lift a finger.

  1. Upon sign up, you'll receive a keyword and short code that allows you to easily promote your business anywhere, anytime.
    Example: For a Free 1-on-1 Business Coaching Consultation, text CoachMe to 41259
  2. Your customizable marketing webpage is automatically created by C-Suite Coaching for online promotion. Start sharing your link immediately!
Comprehensive prospect questionnaire to collect goals, limitations, motivations

Getting To Know Your Prospects

Learn everything you need to know about every person who opts in, automatically. With C-Suite Coaching's intake questionnaire, you'll have a better understanding of your prospect's goals and pain points prior to the consultation, which will help you sell to their specific needs.

  • Questionnaire template is preconfigured to help overcome objections before they occur
  • Easily customize to suit your unique training business and prospects
Prospective client scheduling a consultation on a mobile phone

It's Not Magic, It's AutoMagic!

With your availability set, prospects can add themselves to your calendar automatically, all while you do what you love most: mentor and help people achieve their goals.

  • You'll get a text notifying you when a new session is booked
  • Prospects will receive a text reminder one hour before their scheduled session

Active Clients

Profile of trainee client with status, frequency and time preferences, goals, and personal details

Personalized Communication

Your clients are not all the same, and our text messages aren't either! We provide smart texting technology that creates a personalized experience for each client!

  • With over 600 text messages prepopulated into the system, C-Suite Coaching gives you years' worth of content to send to your clients without having to create a single text
  • Schedule wake-up, birthday, and upcoming event text messages
  • Request weekly results — all AUTOMATICALLY — to ensure your clients are focused on their goals
Trainee's personalized message schedule in C-Suite Coaching

Individualize & Automate Your Messaging

C-Suite Coaching will automatically customize all text messaging days, times, and message types on a client-by-client basis to ensure your messaging is personal and relevant to their needs, wants, and goals.

  • Have a client who wants a wake-up message at 6:00am? No problem!
  • Someone else who struggles with poor evening habits? Encourage them to stay strong!
Meme of frustrated trainee: Someone sent me a group text. Now I'm getting messages from people I don't know

Group Messaging minus the CHAOS

Gone are the days of endless responses and side conversations. C-Suite Coaching empowers business coaches to text everyone — and receive individual responses — without blowing up everyone else's inbox.

  • Customized groups can be saved for quick messaging at a later date
  • Recipients will not see everyone else's responses
  • Keeps your text message personal for each recipient "Morning Mary! Don't forget we have our virtual group session this afternoon at 3:00...see you there!"

Former Clients

Former client messaging settings

Former Client Follow Up

The biggest mistake when losing a client is NOT re-engaging regularly. C-Suite Coaching will automatically continue the conversation with former clients.

Follow-up messages are designed to put you and your phone number back in front of them when it means the most!

  • Birthday: "Happy birthday, Jack! I wanted to be the first to wish you a happy birthday. Enjoy your day, but make sure to get back at it tomorrow!"
  • Anniversary: "Mary, another year has passed since your business transformation began! Your story is one of my favorites. I hope you're doing great!"
  • Promotional: "I have an incredible coaching special going this week ONLY. If you know anyone interested, please send them my way. Thanks, Sam!"

You're Always In Control

Can I edit the preconfigured messages? Yes   No
Can I add my own messages to the library? Yes   No
Can my clients respond to me through C-Suite Coaching? Yes   No
Can I manually message individuals and groups when needed? Yes   No
Can prospects book a session with me through C-Suite Coaching? Yes   No
Is C-Suite Coaching free for my clients? Yes   No